John Harnish

Wynn Chamberlain and John Harnish at work on Brand X

John Harnish, born in Massachusetts in 1944, was educated at the Punahou School, Oberlin College and Columbia University. His mentor and champion was the great Austrian editor Jean Oser who collaborated with Billy Wilder and steeped John in the classic European editing techniques, largely out of fashion by the Sixties. He says that it is the counterpoint between Wynn Chamberlain's iconoclastic comic vision and the composed, stationary camera and the classic editing framing style that makes BRAND X unique among Underground films of the period. John and Wynn worked with almost no budget but were supported by their mutual admiration and the nurturing of Wynn's wife, Sally, and the amazing assortment of East Village artists that contributed to the film.

John Harnish in Rome

            John Harnish in India

            John Harnish in California