Brand X

Starring: Taylor Mead   Sally Kirkland   Tally Brown   Frank Cavestani
Ultra Violet   Abbie Hoffman   Candy Darling

"A funny, bawdy, peppery film, BRAND X took the pathetic, mediocre, clichéd culture of television and turned it on its head." - Independent on Sunday
“A raucous, choppy, political satire inspired by a day in the life of American television, the film appropriates TV formats ranging from talk shows and commercials to White House press conferences. The film is a precursor to Saturday Night Live and its anarchic humour remains untarnished, despite the fact that it has not been screened for nearly 40 years.” – Katie Kitamura, FRIEZE Magazine 2011
Brand X subverts television culture by appealing to the same populist level as mass media, liberating through laughter.” – Steven Watson (Author of “Factory Made: Warhol and the Sixties”, “The Birth of the Beat Generation”) ART FORUM 2011

“Wynn Chamberlain’s Brand X deserves to take its place with Charlie Chaplin’s MODERN TIMES and Fritz Lang’s METROPOLIS as one of the great subversive films of all times.” – Duncan Ward

"Funnier, wilder and more politically subversive than Warhol, with a cameo by Jimi Hendrix and an unforgettable bathroom scene with Abbie Hoffman: truly original and a blast to watch." - Simon Prosser publishing director Hamish Hamilton and co-director of the Port Eliot Festival

"It's a really incredible document, a testimony to the way in which at the end of the 1960s the notion of the American underground was beginning to interface with mainstream culture, as we see the stars of Warhol's films appearing in what look like regular TV shows. In the past decade, cinema, television and the internet have come together to create new hybrid entities, and 40 years ago Wynn Chamberlain got that right off the bat – but his film also has a strong political edge."- Stuart Comer, Curator of Film, Tate Modern

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We are sad to announce the death of Brand X director Wynn Chamberlain 1927 - 2014 Acclaimed artist, filmmaker and writer. Also beloved husband, father and friend to many. Passed away in New Delhi, India, November 27th. Read a wonderful obituary of Wynn in the Independent

New flash! Brand X has been restored and will soon be re-released by the Cineteca di Bologna and was screened exclusively on July 4th as part of their Cinema Ritrovato festival

We are very sad to hear the news of Taylor Mead's passing. Taylor's obituary is now on the
Warhol Stars website

Recent news long article about Brand X and the Chamberlains in the Independent on Sunday

Latest news Brand X trailer added to the Artforum website! First time this footage has been seen anywhere online

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